Dungeon of the Endless Game for iOS

The iOS is a great platform and Apple’s mobile phones are quite good. They have absolutely powerful hardware that is fully capable of playing even the most demanding of games.

In this article, we are going to take a look at a game that is part tower defense and part RPG game.

The game I am referring to is none other than the Dungeon of the Endless Game for iOS.

What sets this game apart from the rest is the fact that you can explore the map while also building up defenses.

The story of the game revolves around a starship that has crash landed on an unknown planet. Of course, when you’ve crash landed on another planet, you need to be on guard because it is possible that there will be threats to your life.

The premise of the game is simple: you need to gather crystals that are scattered throughout each level. This crystal is needed to power on your ship’s engine. There will be two teams in play: one defense team and one raiding team.

This is where the hybrid gameplay comes into fruition. Your defense team is tasked to defend your ship should there be any alien threat. Your raiding team will be the one to gather the crystals.

That is the tower defense portion. The RPG game element to this is that whenever you encounter baddies, you can control each of the characters in your team individually to attack the alien forces. You can also control one character and just hack the aliens’ heads off.

Dungeon of the Endless Game for iOS mobile phones is a really fun game in that it immerses you in a hybrid game of RPG and tower defense.

Probably the most challenging team is the raiding team. Unlike the defense team where they are just situated in the ship, the raiding team is the one who is going to go outside and retrieve the crystals.

This presents them in an unknown scenario where they will be attacked by hordes of alien forces. Your task is to finish each level (hopefully, with your team still intact).

Another RPG element introduced in this game is that each character has different abilities and different personalities. You can level up these characters and you can also improve their abilities so that you can kill alien forces in a much more efficient manner the next time.

Furthermore, when your characters level up, they will also improve their stats by a good margin.

The Dungeon of the Endless Game for iOS mobile phones is an expansive game where there are a lot of things to explore and levels to be completed.

This iOS mobile phone game has garnered a lot of positive reviews. It is fun, adventurous, and it also presents you with a tower defense and RPG game elements as well.

This game supports 4G LTE connectivity and it allows you to connect online and play with other players as well. If you don’t want your gameplay experience to be interrupted due to low signal reception, then get the help of mobile phone signal boosters.

The Dungeon of the Endless Game for iOS is free to play with in-app purchases. This game is available on the Apple App store.