6 best gifts for people obsessed with their iPhone

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite iPhone accessories – for the new iPhone 13 and previous generations – below that are sure to bring a smile to any Apple fanatic.

Apple MagSafe Phone Wallet

The new wallet doesn’t look too different, but contains a cool new feature.
Credit: Apple

The first-generation Apple phone wallet debuted with the iPhone 12 last year. It attaches to the phone with MagSafe, Apple’s magnetic technology to secure chargers and accessories.

The latest iteration features new colors and Find My compatibility. If the wallet becomes detached from your phone for more than a minute, you will receive a push notification showing its last connected location, which should hopefully help you find it.

Apple MagSafe Phone Wallet ($ 59)

Polaroid now +

The latest instant camera is a lot of fun.

The latest instant camera is a lot of fun.
Credit: polaroid

It’s not technically an iPhone accessory, but the latest Polaroid camera pairs with an iPhone app.

The Now + camera and app allow users to play around with more advanced settings, like double exposure, self-timer mode, aperture priority, and more.

You can even make light painting photos that look super artistic, and the camera comes with lens filters for even more effects.

Polaroid Now + Camera ($ 149)

PowerVision S1 Explorer Kit

This tiny little gadget can do a ton.

This tiny little gadget can do a ton.
Credit: Mashable / Jennimai Nguyen

If you have an aspiring TikTok star in your life, or someone who is always on the go trying to capture their adventures, this three-in-one gimbal, wireless charger and tripod is the perfect gift.

The PowerVision S1 holds smartphones via a magnetic case or attachment, which is sold with the device and does not require a MagSafe. When attached, the gimbal can stabilize your camera – which eliminates shaky video footage, even if you’re moving around during capture – and be propped up on a small tripod. Its body can also charge your phone wirelessly.

The whole thing connects to an app that allows the device to use AI to track people and objects to keep them in frame, and allows gesture control to capture photos and videos.

PowerVision S1 Explorer Kit ($ 229)

Moshi Sette Q charging mat

The gray fabric creates a neutral but unique effect.

The gray fabric creates a neutral but unique effect.
Credit: mashable / jennimai nguyen

Moshi’s Sette Q is a stylish wireless charger that quickly charges up to two devices. It’s not compatible with MagSafe, but it’s a great gift for someone who doesn’t use MagSafe or has an iPhone 11 or older.

It has a fabric finish, which sets it apart from other chargers. And it offers up to 15W of charging for wireless devices. It’s perfect for someone who wants to charge an iPhone and AirPods at the same time.

Moshi Sette Q Charging Mat ($ 89.95)

Volonic Valet 3 charging mat

A personalization of the Volonic Valet 3.

A personalization of the Volonic Valet 3.
Credit: Mashable / Jennimai Nguyen

This is a wireless charger that you get from someone who is truly an elite. The Volonic Valet 3 is a customizable wireless charger made of luxurious materials. You can choose between premium Alcantara or the same type of leather used in Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Porsches.

Everything can be designed personally, from the color and material to the length of the cord and the style of the logo.

It uses Aira FreePower technology, which can charge up to three devices in any position on the charger. This is the charger for the candle, but maybe also the charger for those who haven’t upgraded to a phone with MagSafe. Just know that you are going to be spending a lot of money on it!

Volonic Valet 3 ($ 585 – $ 765)

Moment car ventilation bracket

The holder attaches to a car vent with little effort.

The holder attaches to a car vent with little effort.
Credit: instant

For those who rely on their iPhone’s map apps to get literally anywhere, this car mount makes looking at your phone while driving much safer and easier.

It mounts on your car’s vent, so no adhesives or suction cups are needed. An iPhone 12 or 13 can be connected via MagSafe, making the process of clicking your phone in and out of the holder much faster than traditional car phone holders. And being attached to the vent means nothing is blocking your windshield. You can still see your phone for the necessary directions, but it won’t be that awkward on the road.

Moment Car Vent Mount ($ 39.99)

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