The 3 best solar-powered insect zappers

If you’re looking to keep your porch, campsite, or home bug free without worrying about wires or batteries, look for the best solar powered insect zappers. Top rated bug zappers come equipped with a safety guard and have a high enough voltage to get rid of bugs – 1000 volts should be fine for most scenarios, but lower voltage options can still offer a struggle. minor pest control. Most bug repellants use UV light to attract bugs, but some come with a scent mosquito attractant instead to specifically target mosquitoes. Either way, bug zappers can shock you if you accidentally touch the power grid, so look for a bug zapper equipped with a protective cage. If you have kids or pets at home, you might want to hang the zapper out of reach anyway.

Battery life and charging time are always considerations when purchasing a solar powered device. For insect zappers, it’s ideal to get a full charge with a day of sunshine or less, and the battery should last through the night with that charge. If a full day of direct sunlight isn’t always realistic for you, make sure your bug zapper comes with alternative charging methods like a charging cable. If you plan to travel with your bug zapper, consider additional features like a solar lantern function or an SOS signal that might come in handy for camping, and a hanging ring that will make the zapper easier to carry or attach to. your travel backpack.

Finally, before making a purchase, it’s important to ask yourself if a bug zapper is really the best tool for your needs. If you’re trying to get rid of mosquitoes, be aware that they only account for 4.1% to 6.4% of insects killed by zapper insects, and many of the bugs these devices kill can be harmless. Some researchers even warn that the number of beneficial insects killed by zapper insects could disrupt your local ecosystem. To protect you from mosquitoes, a mosquito repellent, spray, or garden treatment may be more targeted and effective.

That said, if you think a solar bug zapper is right for your needs, I combed through Amazon for the best solar power options.

1. A portable solar powered Bug Zapper

With a firm hanging ring that doubles as a handle, this compact bug zapper from Diotem is a great choice for campers, backpackers, and anyone who wants the option of hanging or carrying their bug zapper. Hold it like a lantern, hang it in your tent, put it on a table, or tie it to your backpack. A cage protects your fingers from contact with the electrical network.

This bug zapper is also multifunctional. Turn on the UV light to attract bugs to the powerful 3,500 volt zapper. Turn on the white light (and choose between three brightness settings) to use as a lantern or flashlight. It also has an SOS signal in case of emergency. Depending on the setting you use, the device can last up to 10 hours on a single charge. It includes solar panels for charging during the day, but if you don’t have enough light, it has a USB-C port so you can use a car outlet or a portable charger – although you have to buy it. a charging cable compatible with USB-C and everything you use to charge separately.

The IP66 waterproof construction of the solar zapper can withstand moisture from light rain, spills, and anything up to strong jets of water, but it cannot be submerged in water. So be careful around swimming pools or other bodies of water, but don’t hesitate to rinse it under the sink when it’s safely off.

According to a reviewer: “It’s PORTABLE, lightweight and it works by killing pesky insects. We live in Florida and are sometimes on the porch or by the water. It’s so nice to be able to take this with us. I really like that it runs on solar power in addition to being able to charge it with USB. The lighting option is also brilliant.

2. A solar powered Bug Zapper specially designed to attract mosquitoes

Litom’s solar zapper offers multiple charging options and multiple insect attraction options for maximum functionality. For those who are primarily concerned with mosquitoes, you can turn off the UV light to avoid attracting beneficial insects and rely only on the scent mosquito attractant included in the device. If you are bothered by other pests, you can use both UV light and mosquito attractant. With 800 volts, there should be enough electricity to zap most pests, but a guard helps protect your hands. (Mosquito attractant will need to be replaced about every three weeks as the odor subsides.)

The large solar panel on top of the device is sturdy enough to keep it constantly charged and running without a break as long as it gets a little bit of sunlight throughout the day. On cloudy days, however, you can charge it with the included USB cable in just a few hours. The digital display shows you how much battery life is left so you never have to guess. It also shows you in which mode you have set it. All Day Mode zaps bugs all day (seriously, it charges while it’s running so it can last indefinitely) while Night Mode automatically turns on at night and then turns off during the day.

According to one reviewer: Large zapping area with 4 open sides for maximum coverage. Can be hung, mounted or staked on the ground. All accessories are included. It is solar powered and weather resistant, making it virtually maintenance free ! Let it do its job, which is to recharge by day and kill mosquitoes and bugs at night! Awesome. It has LCD screen with total kill count! It’s like a video game! Love it. It also displays the remaining battery level.

3. A Bug Zapper that can last 40 hours on a charge

This stainless steel solar zapper from White Kaiman has a 3000 volt zapper and a 40 hour battery life. 3000 volts is more than enough to handle all the noise you are dealing with. If you use it alone as a bug zapper (without the white light on), you will enjoy that full 40 hour battery life. If you also use it as a lantern, the actual battery life will be a bit less but still more than enough to get you a night or two between charges.

When you need to charge it, it only takes five hours of sun exposure to get a full charge. Even in less sunny climates, you can still get enough charge to get through a night as long as you have a few hours of light. During the darker months, however, there’s an AC power cord that comes with it so you can plug it in when you need it.

It’s also a great design for anyone looking for a zapper that they can put in the yard and forget about. It’s water resistant enough to withstand some rainy days and a light sensor on the top automatically triggers it at night and turns it off during the day. Besides cleaning the bug trap every now and then, you won’t really have to pay much attention to it, and the guard should help keep your fingers safe.

According to a reviewer: “This machine is great because we don’t need to plug it in. We can hear it running every night in the front and back yard. It makes a loud clicking noise as it erases the insect. I love the solar function, don’t worry. The lizards have figured out that he doesn’t zap during the day so they can eat the bugs he killed the night before.

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