Tom York on business: San Diego rents rose 18% in 2021 before leveling off

A room rental in Carlsbad. REUTERS / Mike Blake

Another report confirms what we already know about the rental housing market in San Diego. Rents increased by 18% in 2021. This is according to the latest monthly national rental survey published by the website List of apartments.

Some important points to take away from the survey:

  • While San Diego rents have risen significantly over the past year, they actually fell 0.2% in December, suggesting a stabilizing trend.
  • As bad as the increase in San Diego is for looking renters, it wasn’t as bad here as it is in other US cities. We had the 37th largest increase among the 100 largest cities in the country.
  • Median rents in San Diego have now reached $ 1,847 for a one-bedroom apartment, $ 2,449 for a two-bedroom.

“The New Year has brought much needed relief to the rental market,” the spokesperson said. Rob warner for the list of apartments. “Nationwide, rental prices fell 0.2% last month, the country’s first measurable price drop since 2020.”

“This of course comes after a period of tremendous growth in rents. So prices remain high, but have turned a corner, ”added Warner.

Overall, rents fell at the end of the year in 61 of the 100 cities surveyed. Riverside saw the nation’s biggest rent drop this month at -3%. Prices also fell in large, expensive cities, such as San Francisco at -1.6% and Chicago at -1%.

New York and Tampa lead the country in rent increases. Rents rose more than 32% in 2021 in the Big Apple, following a 20% drop in 2020 as residents fled to the suburbs.

* * *

One factor apparently not taken into account in the apartment listing survey is competition for places to live. The demand for apartments, as well as houses, has grown very rapidly since the COVID-19 pandemic hit almost two years ago, as everyone knows.

This is especially true here where incoming residents want to be close to beaches and other outdoor activities.

For example, ZIP code 92101 in downtown San Diego is in the top 10 hottest postal areas in the country where people are most interested in buying, according to a recent survey by Open door. The publicly traded company is promoting itself as a leading digital platform for residential real estate.

In that survey, San Diego ranked # 9 on the list with Clarksville, TN being number one. Clarksville, located 50 miles from Nashville, was one of the hottest real estate markets during the pandemic.

Interestingly, the nearby Temecula zip code 92592 ranks just ahead of San Diego at # 8 on the list.

Opendoor chose the postal codes after analyzing data from local multiple listing services where Open door brokerage firms operate. They were ranked based on the number of homes that contracted within 90 days of listing in 2021.

The other major zip codes on the list were found in Texas, Georgia, and Florida, all literal climate hot spots.

“Americans move for a number of reasons – and having a comfortable time is one of the perks,” according to a press release from the listed company.

* * *

the Southern California Rental Housing Association installed its directors and members of the board of directors in 2022, by re-electing Lucinda Lilley to a second one-year term as Chairman of the Board of Directors.

The association is the region’s premier trade association serving the rental housing industry.

Other elected officers include the elected president Abigail rex; Vice president Todd henderson; Secretary Shannon kelly; Treasurer Aisha Blevins; Legislative President Allison Pfister and past president Kendra bork.

New and former board members include Jay lopeman, Scott Ledesma, Buck Buchanan, Tom tamar, Matt Ruane, Melissa wickerd, Jennifer ford, John LaRaia, Angela Zdroik, Natasha Howell and Marc Feinberg.

* * *

Oceanside’s Incubator Women Entrepreneurs The program, which helps train military spouses and veterans to grow their businesses part-time or full-time, will launch on Jan.20.

The Zoom incubator sessions will focus on three areas: social media management company, virtual assistant company and professional / personal coaching.

This is the second group to participate in the program, which is sponsored by the Oceanside Chamber of Commerce, the National Veterans Chamber of Commerce and Goal mentors, a national voluntary consulting organization for small businesses.

“Our goal is for women entrepreneurs to learn to be pandemics, recession-proof and wearable by investing in themselves,” said Victoria Carlborg, the chamber’s workforce development coordinator.

Women wishing to participate in the next cohort can contact Carlborg at [email protected]

* * *

The Honda Civic, Toyota Camry, Toyota Tacoma, Toyota Corolla and Honda Accord were the five best-selling new and used vehicles in San Diego in 2021, according to a recent survey conducted by the automotive website in line.

the to study looked at 17.4 million vehicle sales in 2021 to determine the most popular cars in various metropolitan markets. It was a time when cars were in short supply due to a shortage of essential semiconductors needed to assemble new vehicles.

The Civic took almost 4% of used car sales and 5% of new car sales. That percentage was almost double that of any of the other four cars on the list.

Nationally, the Ford F 150 pickup truck was the best-selling used vehicle with 3.6% of the market in 2021. It was also the best-selling new vehicle with 3% of total sales last year. .

* * *

the EvoNexus tech incubator in partnership with Qualcomm and Verizon is looking for startups for its incubator program.

The program is looking for entrepreneurs involved in 5G, AI, IoT and the cybersecurity ecosystem, and will offer meetings with Qualcomm and Verizon senior executives, introductions to venture capitalists, 360 degree mentoring, long term residency and personalized programming.

Click on here for details.

* * *

Very early start based in San Diego HyperKelp, which develops a system capable of detecting airborne hypersonic threats, says it works with a defense contractor Northrop Grumman monitor the effects of climate change through Glacier Watch Project, a campaign to deploy temperature and depth sensors in the Arctic.

HyperKelp builds hosted payload buoys that extend data access to 96% of the ocean surface.

According to a press release, Project Glacier Watch is part of Northrop Grumman’s Tech for Conservation initiative.

The company raised $ 120,000 in a screening round with a TechStars in June.

* * *

Finally, a fast growing local workplace productivity startup Click up will shoot its very first commercial for Super Bowl LVI 2022 in early January in Los Angeles.

In less than 18 months, ClickUp has raised $ 535 million in funding and is spending a ton of that money on advertising to increase brand awareness.

The Super Bowl is scheduled for February 13 at the new NFL Stadium in Inglewood, home of the The Los Angeles Rams and the old one San Diego Chargers.

It will be the first Los Angeles area Super Bowl in 29 years

Tom York is a Carlsbad-based freelance journalist specializing in business and economics writing. If you have any tips you would like to share, send them to [email protected]

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